India’s top Internet companies have agreed to free Internet access to the country for the first time in nearly four years, with some services offering free Internet for three months.

The move will ease the pressure on Internet users and give the country’s most-populous nation the ability to surf the Web for the very first time.

A report by The Hindu on Wednesday said that Internet service providers have agreed with the government to allow the provision of free Internet to citizens of the country who can prove they are at least 21 years old and have not been arrested, imprisoned or detained.

According to the report, some providers had offered free Internet services to citizens for just over a month before the announcement on Thursday, and now they are offering free access to all of their customers.

The report said the move is expected to reduce the number of citizens living in rural areas from 20.7 million to around 12.6 million.

The government said it would allocate more than $1 billion to boost Internet infrastructure in rural India.

The Indian Government has also announced plans to give free Internet on its mobile phones and the government is also looking to introduce a free Internet mobile application in the near future.