TechBiz in Kathandahar,India’s IT capital, has moved to shut down all its servers in India and has announced it is taking a data breach prevention course.

The company said on its website that it will be shutting down its servers from April 27.

TechBizz said it will take a data security course on April 25 and will provide training to employees to ensure they are aware of their own data security.

The shutdown of its servers will also result in the shutdown of all other TechBaz apps.

The company said it has identified about 10 per cent of its employees and their email accounts as having compromised data, with other data being accessed by criminals.

It has asked its employees to keep their accounts secure.

On Monday, TechBazz reported that more than 70 per cent and around 300 of its IT staff have been affected.

The move follows a similar move by the internet hosting giant NetApp in January to shut its servers across the globe, and the announcement of the shutdowns by Google in the US.