An Indian web designer is getting a big hit in Nepal.

The Indian student is using his passion for design to build a small business that sells books on the Nepalese language.

The business is called Sita Shop.

The students experience has led them to be able to make a living from selling books online.

The website has been available for five years.

The shop has just recently launched a new service called Sama, which helps Nepaleses pay for books.

Sita Shop is selling books in Nepalesis language.

A student who works for Sita shop says the business model has been good so far.

“I’m a native English speaker, so it’s a great learning experience.

I’ve also got a lot of experience selling books for people who are less tech-savvy,” said the student.

I have been working as a professional designer for five months and I’ve learned a lot about my work, said the Nepali student.

I’m happy to be in Nepal and be working on the website.

“Sama is the first time a Nepali has made a profit selling books.

The business model is simple.

The student sells books for Nepalesi dollars, which are equivalent to Nepalesan rupees.

For example, an Amazon customer who wants to buy books in Nepal would pay Rs 1,000 for a book in Nepali and Rs 3,000 in Nepalee.

The students salary is Rs 5,000 a month, with another Rs 10,000 available for additional projects.

Sara, a Nepalesian who works as a teacher at a primary school in Kathua, said she wanted to help the Nepalees in her country.

Sara is passionate about the Nepaling language.

The Nepalesean language is spoken in Nepal by around 60 million people, most of whom are from the neighbouring state of Assam.

SitaShop sells books in both Nepalesese and Nepalesican languages, and is the only Nepalesista business to offer services in both languages.

Sama has helped more than 1,300 people in Nepal buy books for just Rs 5 a book, said Sara.

She said she was impressed by how well the students have been using the website.”

When we asked them what they liked most about the website, they said they liked how they could order books, that it made them feel like they were doing something right, and that they could even send the books they had bought to their families,” said Sara, who is also a social media manager.

In a few months, Sara plans to expand the business to a more traditional market.