In Kathmanduz, the city is one of the most densely populated places in the world.

There are more than 6 million people, and many of them have moved here from other parts of Nepal.

They’ve all arrived by boat, with more than a million people currently on the road to get here.

In a bid to keep up with the influx of tourists and travelers, the government has been ramping up security measures.

In Kathma, the capital of the Himalayan kingdom, people have been getting extra security around their homes and businesses.

The government is also sending out troops to help with the task of keeping people safe.

That’s because the country’s tourism sector has been hit hard by the Nepali government’s actions, including the closure of nearly half of the country, according to the International Crisis Group.

There’s also a shortage of food and water, with people suffering from malnutrition and water shortages.

The crisis is particularly acute in the capital, Kathmanduc, where many of the displaced live in squalid refugee camps.

The Nepali Ministry of Tourism has sent in thousands of troops to guard the area, with the army also providing assistance with roadblocks and checkpoints.

In response to the Nepalese government’s security measures, Kathma has seen a rise in crime, with robberies, assault, and vandalism reported daily, according a local news report.

The new security measures are a huge step in the right direction, but Kathmandys tourism sector needs to continue to grow, according Toa Lohandro, the Kathmandux region’s deputy tourism minister.

It’s a long-term plan, but we’re getting there, Loharero told Quartz.

In the past, the Nepalis have tried to maintain the status quo, but now they’ve had enough.

They have to look for solutions, he said.

As part of the plan, the ministry is also planning to send out hundreds of thousands of Nepali police to patrol the city.

They will be sent to keep the peace, but they will also be tasked with patrolling the streets.

The idea of these police patrolling the city was inspired by the popular anime series RWBY, a popular anime about a female team of superheroes who patrol a fictional city in an effort to protect its citizens from a hostile group of supervillains.

There is a strong correlation between the popularity of RWBY and the rise in tourism, according Lohde.

It has become a worldwide phenomenon, with tens of thousands people attending events in and around the country.

In Nepal, the popularity has grown by 20 percent over the past two years, according the Nepalixat, an NGO.

It also means the government needs to step up its security measures and protect the tourist industry.

Lohode said there’s a need to continue the trend in the country and increase tourism, especially to Kathmandua.

There was a surge of people coming from Kathmand, including some from neighboring India, but there were also people from other countries coming in, he told Quartz, citing the growing influx of visitors.

That has been a real issue, he added.