With a $30,000 budget, the Kathmandur-based e-commerce startup has launched a new online marketing platform called Web.com, and it’s launching its first app to help the platform grow.

Web.com is an open source e-marketing platform that makes it easy for developers to create and sell websites, apps and other services.

The platform is built around the same underlying technology as the Google AdWords platform, which means developers can create and distribute their apps on the platform and make money by selling ads to advertisers.

Web is a platform for developers that provides a scalable platform for building online marketing platforms, which can be easily integrated with existing websites and apps, according to CEO Vishnu Dhami.

Web uses a platform-as-a-service model to manage all aspects of the site, from domain names and payment processing to data management, analytics, payment and other business processes, said Dhamid.

Developers can easily integrate the platform into existing websites, applications and mobile apps, with Web.me enabling users to manage and manage the entire website or app, Dhamdi added.

Web offers two main components: a marketplace, which is a way for sites and apps to connect and sell content, and a content management system (CMS).

CMSs allow developers to build an online store or store app that is easily integrated into websites and mobile applications.

Web’s CMS is built on a platform that is similar to Google’s AdWords for e-markets and ad-sales, but is also capable of managing and selling content, Dshinde told VentureBeat in an interview.

For instance, Web.org has developed an ad-finance CMS for sites to track their traffic and pay for the advertisements they get.

Web.co.in has developed a CMS for websites to sell paid content, according, Dthangaraj told Venture Beat.

Web’s CMS also integrates with other third-party websites to create a seamless experience for users, Ddami said.

Web and Web.net are still in beta, but will be open-source in a few months, Dithangaraja added.

The two companies will use the platform to help launch a new app called Web, which will allow developers who have the right skills to build apps and sell their apps.