The woman who was detained for posting an anti-establishment post after her husband was detained by the police is now being interrogated by the Nepal police, and her family is concerned for her safety.

Rajesh Kumar has been arrested in connection with the post, which was written on his Facebook page, said the Nepali police.

It’s been verified that Rajesh Kumar is a resident of Sivag district in Nepal and was born in Nepal, police said.

Raghu Sharma, the sister of the woman, told CNN that the police have interrogated Rajesh’s brother in custody, and the police are not releasing the identity of the man being questioned.

The Nepali news agency ANI reported that the family is worried for Rajesh and wants to know who posted the post.

The family has not yet received any response from the police.

Police have not yet released a photograph of the suspect, and said they will take steps to ensure the safety of the family member.

A senior police official told CNN the investigation is ongoing and the family will be informed in the next 48 hours.

R.K. Sharma, one of the suspects, is married to a woman in Kathkot district.

His brother was arrested and charged with inciting subversion and incitement of riots, which is punishable under the Anti-Corruption Act.

A similar case involving the wife of another suspect, Ramkrishna Sharma, has also been pending since last year.

Police said the husband was released after being questioned by the Kathmandushali district police in January.