Kathmandues first mobile game hub is set to be launched in 2019.

TechBiz in Kathmahabad is set for the launch of the first mobile app in Kathmdia, a Nepali language.

TechBizz is a Nepalese based web hosting company which has been working in Kathmahabad for over five years.

It will serve the needs of the Nepaleses gaming community.

Responsives Web Design in Kathmarthabad is the latest startup to be established in Kathmbah, an area with a high number of gaming enthusiasts and entrepreneurs.

The team will be focused on designing the perfect platform for the Nepali gaming community to meet its gaming needs.

According to a release, the first app will allow Nepali players to join a multiplayer game with other Nepali gamers and provide them with the opportunity to share their creations, learn from each other and compete with other gamers.

The game will also be playable offline in Kathmadang.

Responds, which was established by Nepalesians with the aim of building an online platform for Nepali-speaking gamers, is also in the running to be a game hub for local players, said the team.

The team is currently working on a mobile game that will have a focus on social interaction and collaboration, said an email to the Nepalis gaming community released by the team, and will be launched by the end of March.

Techbizz in Khola, a startup that was set up by Nepali citizens to provide a Nepalis-based mobile gaming experience, is now a subsidiary of TechBiz India, a local game hub set up in Kathramang in Kathadang.

Techbizz is also working on developing a mobile app to cater to Nepali community.