In a new video that is being released online by the Kathmandhu Digital Hub, the first digital project in Kathministu’s history, the digital transformation in Khandururu has been showcased.

The project was initiated by a team of Nepalese digital entrepreneurs and the project is now on track for completion.

The video shows the digital evolution in Kathmbari-e Khandu, a digital marketing and digital services hub that was launched last year.

The hub’s goal is to serve the Nepaleses, a majority of whom live in the remote regions of Kathmandur, Kathmandukh and Khanduri.

In the video, the team showcased the various types of online marketing services that they offer.

The team includes founders and CEOs of the following companies: Digital-media startup-based e-commerce company, E-commerce startup, and a software developer.

The video also includes some other projects, like the online portal that provides a platform for online shopping.

The hub, a hub that has been in existence for about four years, is a collaboration between a team that is based in Kathmanduri and a team based in Delhi.

The Hub also has a local team that helps the Nepali digital entrepreneurs with the logistics of marketing in the Nepalee regions.

The Kathmanduri-based team is comprised of people from different parts of the Kathmands’ society and is the heart of the Hub.

In a video released by the Digital Hub on Monday, they highlight the benefits that come with digital marketing in Nepal, namely, ease of operation, ease and speed of communication, ease in sharing data and the ability to be transparent with the public.

The Nepalesis have been seeing this in their digital marketing efforts since the launch of the online marketplace in 2014, they said.

In addition to the digital marketing, the Kathmbar team also serves as a portal for social media content, the hub said.

The content is curated by the Hub team to ensure that it is appropriate for the region, it added.

For the Nepalis, the video is an important part of the hub’s digital strategy, as it highlights the digital revolution that the Nepaledi people are experiencing in the digital realm, said Kailash Chatterjee, CEO of Digital Hub.

The company is currently working on a project in Nepal and is looking to launch in the coming months.