Nepal’s Prime Minster Re-Engineers Nepals Content Management system to Combat Fakes, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba recently ordered the government to re-engineer Nepal’s content management system, the first time a government has been forced to do so since independence in 1947.

The change is expected to take at least five months to implement.

The move will see Nepal’s government adopt a new policy that will require a higher level of trust and accountability for content managers.

This will enable content managers to work more efficiently and to respond faster to the growing volume of information on social media.

Deuba has already ordered that all content management systems in Nepal must now undergo a review process.

Nepali content management has been in the news recently for the past few weeks.

In January, the country’s government ordered that social media accounts be banned for a period of three months, which has led to a surge in fake news content.

In March, Nepal’s Ministry of Information and Communications announced that social network accounts had been banned for six months.

On February 1, Nepal announced that it would also ban all social media platforms that allow users to post images, videos, audio and text without consent.

Nepalese media outlets have also been targeted by fake news, with the Wall St. Journal reporting that some news outlets have been hacked and hundreds of accounts have been suspended.

Deubas government has also launched an investigation into several fake news sites that have posted doctored photos of the Nepaleses prime minister.

The news has sparked an international backlash, including condemnation from celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, who called the ban “unacceptable and unhelpful.”