New Zealand-based software developer Andrew Mackey says the cost of software development in his country is higher than in the developed world.

Mackey is one of several software developers who say they are paying more in New Zealand than their counterparts in other developing countries because of the country’s tax laws and how it treats its software development workforce.

Mackeys employer, Weta Digital, which was founded in 2009, has an estimated 20,000 employees in Nepal.

The firm is based in the Nepalese capital of Kathmandubhat and has a workforce of about 1,000 people.

Mackey said the country pays its developers higher salaries and benefits than the developed countries, including the U.S.

While he is paying $200 per month more than his colleagues in the U, he said he’s saving $200 a month by living in Nepal, which has a tax rate of 25%.

He said the government has also made it easier for Nepaleses to get work permits and other government benefits.

He said his employer is working to increase its workforce and said the company would expand to other parts of the Nepalee government, such as the southern province of Pashupatinath.

The Nepalesi government is also encouraging foreign companies to locate in the country, Mackey added.

In 2016, the Nepali government passed a law that required foreign companies operating in Nepal to register with the country.

Mackeys company pays taxes in New York, so he has to pay taxes on the money he pays overseas, he explained.

He said that he doesn’t think his salary is too much to ask for in Nepal and thinks it’s better for him to work in a country where the tax rates are lower.