The world’s biggest search engine giant is taking a page out of the Google playbook to promote its search business.

In a major marketing push to boost the tech and search businesses, Google is launching a $10 million advertising campaign with the World Health Organization that is focused on raising awareness and promoting their brand.

The company is launching the campaign to promote the WorldHealth Organization’s World Health Day on May 1.

“As we celebrate the health of our planet and people around the world, we’re making a commitment to support the efforts of those who care most about the health and well-being of all people,” a Google spokesperson told CNNMoney.

“We’re partnering with organizations who can help us connect with people in the community, and we’re partnering to help people make the most of the opportunities that they have to help us advance our mission of global health.”

The new campaign, called “Health for All,” will be the largest ever run by Google to target the health care and wellness industries.

In addition to the $10M campaign, the company is also partnering with companies to run health and wellness advertising campaigns on its own properties and partner with others to launch the new ads.

The $15 million campaign is the largest campaign ever run for Google.

The company is using $3 million of its own money to launch this campaign.

“We believe health and human rights are a human right, and are committed to ensuring people have access to a safe, dignified, and sustainable life,” a spokesperson told The Wall Street Journal.

“The World Health Group is the most powerful health organization in the world and has a mandate to make health and health care available to all people in a way that advances the health, well-beings, and well being of all.”

The WorldHealth Group, which is headquartered in New York City, is the world’s largest organization dedicated to the promotion and promotion of health and wellbeing.

It’s the same organization that partnered with Google to promote health advertising on its properties.

The campaign is part of the Global Health Initiative, a $100 million effort to support global health efforts and to strengthen partnerships between the private sector and the health sector.