In this article we will be going through how to create a website that has all the elements to create great content, but without the overhead of hosting.

We will be using a WordPress theme called “Kathmandu” as our template.

In this tutorial we will use a simple design to create our website, and then we will create the elements of the site that will give it the feel of a real-life website.

You can check out the WordPress theme in action in this video by clicking here.

After you have created the theme, we will then be creating the page to serve up our website.

We have decided to use the HTML5 Canvas layout for this tutorial, but you can easily change this by using a template.

In this tutorial I am going to be using the “kathmanduplex” theme from WordPress.

So, in order to follow along, please visit our theme store to get started.

In order to start creating the HTML page, we need to create the element of our template:We are going to use a class that will have the name “” and will have a content-type of “text/html” (no , no , and no ) in our template file.

In the code below, you will see that the element has been added to the template.

We also need to add an tag.

Next, we are going have to add a

tag that will be the content of the page.

You will also need a class for the tag.<P>The class for <title> will be “”, and for

will contain “articles”.

The class of “articles” will be used for the title and body of our article.

Kathm: Kathmandutravel’s Kathmand Up-and-coming Bloggers!

Now that we have the HTML and CSS ready to go, let’s create a new template called “kathi.html” that we will need to edit.

This template will contain the content that will go up on the homepage of our website in the form of a tag:And finally, we’ll have to create another

tag that we are adding to the

element in our HTML template:Next, go to your WordPress site and create a “theme” that is already set up.

For this tutorial it will be called “gadget”.

If you don’t know what a theme is, then read our blog post on WordPress themes.

You should be able to see that your theme is now set up and ready to be used.

To create an HTML page from the theme we just created, click the “Next” button at the top right corner.

Once you click that button, you should see a “Create new theme” button appear at the bottom.

If you click it, you are prompted to select the theme that you created earlier.

If your theme does not appear, please go back to your theme store and create one.

The next step is to upload the template to our theme server.

Go to your “Settings” page, click “Upload new theme…”, then click “Save…” in the top-right corner.

You will then see a message that says “Your theme has been uploaded to our server.”

To continue on with the tutorial, click on the “Continue” button in the bottom-right.

You can then choose “Create a new theme”.

Now that your template is uploaded to the server, go back into your WordPress theme and create another new theme called KathmandUpLex.

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