Re-engineering Kathmandus content management system and responsive web design for the next decade is about to start, with the city planning commission of Nepal deciding to open Kathmandua’s first new online marketing hub in 2019.

The city of Kathmanduri will soon become the hub of Nepal’s digital economy, with several online portals opening in the city over the next two years, and it will have a hub-like digital presence in the future, said the city’s tourism commissioner, Darshan Bhan.

Mr Bhan said the online portals would serve as the backbone of Kathali, with content management systems and responsive Web design software to cater to the needs of the visitors and the local business.

“We will use the hub as a place for digital entrepreneurship and growth, and will develop and support the local industries,” he said.

The Kathmanduan digital economy is in the process of re-engineering itself.

Over the past couple of years, the digital economy has expanded, with digital marketing and marketing automation becoming the norm.

This process has seen the city becoming a hub of online marketing and the new online portal being built.

The digital economy in Kathali has grown exponentially over the past two years.

Since the launch of the first online portal in March, 2017, Kathmandurs online business has grown by more than 30 per cent.

In terms of digital businesses, the number of digital jobs in Kathangal has surpassed that of any other state.

Kathmanduri, which is known as Kathmandal, has been the hub for digital growth in Nepal since its inception.