Web hosting is a hot topic in India, where it has become increasingly important as the country continues to move towards the digital era.

As the economy gets more digitised, it is vital to have a large enough cloud hosting network and to be able to support many different cloud storage platforms.

In Nepal, there is also an explosion in e-commerce and mobile app development.

However, for those who want to expand their business or simply want to develop a simple web app, it might be difficult to find the right environment to work in Kathnar.

The lack of a suitable cloud hosting option has been a major challenge for startups looking to start a business in Nepal.

“Cloud hosting is definitely a challenge,” said Suman Rajput, co-founder of Suman’s Apps, which helps small and medium enterprises in Nepal get started.

“We are trying to solve the problem by using a small and simple cloud hosting platform.”

It’s not just the lack of availability of cloud hosting that has been an issue for startups.

“The Nepalese government has been very cautious about cloud infrastructure, especially with regards to infrastructure investments,” Rajput added.

“Many startups have gone offline.”

Rajput’s app, which provides simple web services, was developed using the free cloud hosting offered by GoDaddy.com.

The service includes an email client, a text editor and a search engine.

The app has only been available for a few days, but the team has already managed to grow its user base by almost 30 percent.

Rajput hopes to bring the app to other parts of Nepal by next week.

“I want to reach out to more people,” he said.