Posted October 24, 2018 06:02:06 The last two years have been incredibly exciting for Nepales, and their fans in the Nepali capital Kathmanduz.

On one hand, the Nepaleas have been crowned the most successful rugby league country in the world.

The country also boasts the second-best football league in the continent.

But on the other hand, they are facing the most difficult year in their history. 

As the first team in their domestic league, the Nepal Lions, the Lions have been struggling for form and fitness as well as consistency.

The Lions have struggled with injury, and even their best players are struggling to find a way to get on the field.

The team has been in the top four of the table only twice in the last eight years. 

Nepal has had a difficult time finding a coach and players to get them on the same page. 

The Lions had been looking for a new coach and coach was the name that was brought up. 

Kailash Grewal, who coached the team for four years, said that the Lions need to look at a coach who has a good understanding of football and the game. 

“They need a coach that can understand the importance of a game and understand the dynamics of the game and also the impact of the sport,” Grewale said. 

According to Grewaly, he wants to recruit a coach with an understanding of rugby league and football.

“If he has the knowledge of football, then he can also have the knowledge and skills to coach a team.

He must have the football knowledge and the knowledge in the field of cricket,” Growsal said.

Grewal was able to attract the attention of Nepali rugby league, which he is the coach of. 

When the Lions were in the lower leagues, he was able help them get to the top of the league and he has also helped them in the domestic league. 

Grewale also wants to bring the players of the Lions to the highest level. 

He wants to be the coach and player who makes the Lions successful, not just the coach who will make them successful, but also the player who will bring them to the next level.