Software company in Kathmandus TechBiz, the cloud-based software company that provides cloud-like computing services to businesses, is hiring for an engineering and business development team.

TechBitz’s founder, Jashish Pandey, is also the CEO of software company Ingsoft.

Pandey’s announcement on Friday came after a job fair held at the company’s offices in New Delhi.

The job fair, held by the National Institute of Software Development and Technology (NISD), included presentations by Pandey and his wife, Asha, and his three children, Ankit, Shabana and Shashi.

“I am extremely excited about the opportunities offered to us,” Pandey said.

Pandy said that TechBiza would be a new start-up focused on “high quality solutions and high-value services for startups and large companies”.

Pandey also mentioned that the team will be working with the IT sector, government agencies and startups to “provide a new generation of IT professionals with the tools to innovate”.

Pandya said that the company will also focus on “advancing technologies in the cloud” and that its goal is to “be one of the first cloud computing companies in the world”.

“The company will be able to take the next step and provide a unique platform for a large number of clients, in the industry as a whole, through the cloud.

It will also be one of our biggest customers, as the cloud is an important platform for all our business operations,” Pandya added.

Pandya’s announcement came a day after the government’s IT department awarded TechBIZ a contract worth Rs 1,000 crore ($1.4 million) to design and develop software for its national capital.

The contract, worth Rs 2,000-3,000 million ($3-6 million), will see the company acquire the IT firm, Digital Technology Development and Services Pvt.

Ltd, for a period of five years.

“We are looking forward to bringing TechBizen to the nation,” Panday said.

The government also awarded the contract to NISD for its IT department, which has been in the process of hiring a new IT chief.

According to an NISM official, the department will be setting up a technical research institute to look into technology-related issues.

The official said that as of March 31, the IT department has received about 1,700 applications from companies interested in participating in the government-to-government contract.