Kathmandus software company is one of the tech companies that Google has acquired in the past few years, but it still has a long way to go to meet Google’s ad-selling goals.

As a result, the company is looking to its new owners for a way to boost the ad-sales revenue they’re making through its new AdSense platform.

“We want to be a Google-owned and Google-operated company.

That is our mission and that is our vision.

We’re also looking to the future,” said Keshav Muthiah, general manager at Phoenicast.

Phoenics software company’s CEO, Vrinda Rao, said that the company hopes to create a new Adsense platform that will help the company reach its goal of becoming the number one ad platform in the world.

Google’s acquisition of Phoenix, which was founded in 2008, is also part of a larger trend in which the world’s biggest tech companies are trying to buy smaller startups and services.

In May, Apple bought the popular iPhone app developer and publisher AppNexus for $1.4 billion, making it the largest acquisition by an American tech company.

The deal will also help Apple get its iPhone app marketplace online and will help Apple and other major tech companies expand their advertising efforts to new areas.

“If you’re looking for something that has scale, it’s going to be hard for a small company to compete with the big boys.

It’s going be hard to get into that market,” said Josh Gans, an analyst with Forrester Research.

In March, Microsoft bought ad-tech startup XOAd, a deal that helped the company get into the world of ad-buying and ad-serving.

In June, Google acquired advertising company Audible, the parent company of the popular podcast app Stitcher, for $970 million.

Google also bought the online advertising platform Clickstream for $2.3 billion.

Google has also invested $1 billion in digital ad-platform platform AdSense, and is reportedly in talks with Facebook and other tech companies to buy a portion of the company.

Google has said that it wants to take over the ad sales business of some of the world, and the company has invested $8.5 billion in online advertising services in the last five years.

Google said it wants the business to be more efficient and that it aims to make the advertising business more efficient by “aiming for a lower overhead than other industries.”