Kathmanducans are expected to see ads for online dating service Grindr in the capital city of Kathmandua.

The ads will be run in a localised format for the first time, and will start running from Wednesday.

Gmail, Twitter, Google, and Facebook have all been running ads in the country for several months, but the ads will come from a different angle.

Advertisers are expected see the ads as a way to engage with users, which has been a problem in other parts of the world.

The ads have been a success in Kathmun, and many people have been using them as a means of finding a date, or finding an accommodation.

“Gmail has been very successful in Kathma.

People have been asking for ads, and we were delighted to announce the ad placement on Google Adwords,” said Murti Sharma, founder of digital marketing firm Grits.”

It’s a way for users to interact with their social media networks and find dates and accommodation.

It also gives a sense of legitimacy to the adverts.”

Google has also started testing the ads on the popular social network Facebook, and the company has also announced it will be working with local dating sites to run ads in local languages.

Google is also offering AdSense to help local businesses in the Kathmanduan capital launch their websites and advertise in Kathimandu.

In February, a survey by the Kathmun District Cooperative Development Authority found that 70% of the local businesses had started using Google Adsense for their advertising.