A website designer’s days of making the most of his skills at home are coming to an end.

The rise of the Web has changed everything for the job market and there’s now no substitute for a professional degree, according to the Web Design Certification Program (WDCP).

In its new annual survey of job seekers, WDCP found that the vast majority of respondents, 57 percent, have an undergraduate degree, and many of them have never worked in a job-related field.

The WDCPS report was released last week. 

WDCPS President and CEO Brian Hagen said the survey showed that a majority of Americans are interested in becoming web designers and that the industry has a number of viable careers.

“Web designers are an extremely valuable workforce,” Hagen told Newsweek.

“There’s a lot of value to being able to design a website, to build an application or to build something of value on top of the web.”

Hagen explained that the demand for web design jobs is increasing, particularly in the U.S., and he believes that the skills of the design-related industries like Web design, web development, and web development management are becoming more and more sought after.

“The demand is definitely there,” he said.

“It’s just that demand is really high.

There’s a huge supply, so if you want to work in a large web design firm, you’ll have to start looking for other jobs.” 

One reason for the rising demand for the Web design skills is that the Internet is making it possible for a designer to work remotely from anywhere in the world.

A recent study from Microsoft found that more than half of Web designers work from home.

A Web designer in a small office can work from anywhere and is able to make more money from their work than they would if they were working from home, according a Microsoft spokesperson. 

It is unclear whether the rise of virtual work has affected Web design jobs in the same way.

While Web designers often work from their homes and often have to travel with their designs, the demand to be a Web designer at a larger company has caused the demand and supply of designers to fluctuate, said Hagen.

“You’ll see that demand and you’ll see it increase or decrease depending on where you’re working,” he explained. 

In order to get the most out of their degrees, web designers have to learn how to program their own software.

A web designer with an advanced degree is required to be able to create and manage their own code, which helps to make their designs more efficient and to make the software run faster, according the Web Designer Certification Program website. 

Hagen said that he hopes to see the number of jobs in web design grow, as it has in other industries.

“When I see a job opening, I’ll make sure that I look at what the market looks like,” he told Newsweek, “and then I’ll go out and find out what the job is and how much I can make, because I have to know that I can bring value to the job.”