Kathmandus website has been taken down, but you can still view content by clicking the icon on the left side of the site.

The site’s owner, the New Business Foundation (NBF), said it was taken down after it became apparent that some Nepali news websites had been using the site as a way to promote their own content.

“The NBF has taken action against the use of the Kathmandur News portal as a place for promoting its own content, which we deem to be unacceptable,” NBF spokesperson Anjum Nisar told Quartz.

Nisar said the site would be back up soon.

The news portal is a platform that provides news and information on the Himalayan country.

Nishan Sharma, a senior editor at Kathmandua News, told Quartz the site had been in business for more than two decades, but he had never heard of it being used as a platform for promoting content.

Sharma said he had seen an advertisement for a Nepali TV news channel on the site for two years before it was closed down.

He said it seemed the news portal had become a “virtual front for other media”.

“It was just a very poor way of getting news out,” Sharma said.

The news portal was started in 2009 by the Kathkan News Agency.

Sharma said it would be interesting to see what happens in the future with the Nepali government.

“If it is allowed to continue operating like this, how will it change the Nepalese society?” he said.