Google is expanding its AdWords presence in Nepal.

Google India, the global ad platform, is bringing Google AdSense for Nepal, a native advertising platform for Nepalis.

Google will be the first company in the world to have a native ad platform for Nepalese users.

The Nepaleses government announced the launch of AdSense Nepal on May 3.

Google has signed a deal with Nepalesean government to provide local advertising for Google Ads in Nepal, Google said in a statement.

Google has launched an ad network for Nepal called AdSense, a Google partner, that has already reached more than 15 million customers, it said.

Google also launched an AdSense platform in the country for its AdSense partners, it added.

Google is expanding the AdWords services in Nepal by adding ad units for local users, it noted.

The company has also launched a new advertising platform in Nepal called Google AdZone.

It will be used for advertising campaigns in Nepal and India.

The Nepalesse government has been working to build a new online advertising market in Nepal for more than a decade, but it hasn’t yet been able to offer it in the traditional way, said Sridharan Rao, managing director, Nepal for Google India.

Nepal has struggled to attract international advertisers in recent years.

In 2015, Google’s ad services were available only for Nepali users in the Kathmandun city of Lalitpur.

It is now working to offer its services to all Nepali, including the Nepalesee community.

Google in its statement said the new platform will be available for both Nepal and the country as a whole.

Google said it has already launched AdZone, which offers AdSense-enabled campaigns in the Nepali market.