A blog post by a user who goes by the name ‘Deejay’ has claimed to have hacked a website with a CMS, a software that allows users to manage content in a centralized way.

The blog post has been picked up by other sites, but a number of them are also not taking any chances.

Users have been asking for updates and sharing screenshots of the site, with one posting an image of the CMS, which looks like an RSS feed, and others sharing screenshots.

A screenshot of the article that has been posted to ‘DEEJAY’ account.

“I’m not sure if the post was legit, or not,” one user told Business Insider.

“The CMS I am seeing appears to be a WordPress-based CMS, but it does have a few similarities with the CMS of another hacker known as ‘Kryptik’.” “The ‘MSSQL’ part seems to be the same as that of ‘WordPress’ CMS,” another user said.

The hacker, who has yet to post any proof, said he used a piece of software called ‘Wizard’.

“It is an SQL-based SQL Server Database Management System (DSMS),” he said.

“It has a lot of features, and I can find a lot on it,” he said, adding he is currently using it on his website.

“My goal is to get to the point where I can release the CMS as a free software, and let everyone know that there is an open source alternative to the free CMS.”

“The MSSQL part seems just like WordPress,” the hacker added.

“There is a lot going on inside it, and you can find it in its own GitHub repository.”

However, many users have said they are still having issues.

“When I go to check the page on my browser, it will say ‘Page not found’, so I’m still waiting to get an answer,” another commented.

“A CMS that I have downloaded and installed, and that I used for this blog post is the same one that has now been compromised by a hacker.

It appears to me that this is the case, and it is not the first time that a hacker has used this same CMS.”