E-commerce, e-commerce development and e-sports are some of the areas of business that the Kathmanduan government has started to focus on in order to increase its online marketing market share.

The government has launched several online advertising platforms to cater to the needs of the people.

The country is now trying to establish itself as the largest e-tailer market in the world, with the first-ever online retail business venture, Flipkart, opening up in Kathanga on Tuesday.

The startup’s founder, Rahul Sharma, has said that his firm is a global leader in online retail, and has made the first foray into the e-tech space with Flipkarts, a platform that allows users to sell their goods online.

The company has been a successful success story in Kathapatnam and other parts of Nepal, where it is believed that around 75% of the population does not have access to broadband.

The business was founded by Sharma, who is also the founder of Flipkarma, a leading e-retail company.

The launch of Flipks website in Kathabarmarka on Tuesday was the second such project in the country.

Earlier, Flipks had launched an online e-shopping platform, but it did not go as well as expected, as its website was not able to cope with the traffic.

The company had to be shut down by the government, but Sharma has said the company has now launched an offline version.

The first website was launched in 2015, and now the company is trying to create another online retail platform in the future.

Flipks chief executive, Rahul Thakkar, said the launch of the online version will be the first step towards increasing its sales, which he said will be around 1.8 crore units a day.

“We have reached a point where the growth of the business is now a lot bigger than our initial vision, which was for 10 lakh units a week.

We have started to realize our growth potential, and have made our first foray in the online space,” he told reporters on Tuesday evening.

A number of other startups have also started to take up the venture to reach the online market.

According to the government statistics, the country had 2,087 e-stores, and 2,922 e-components, and 818 e-finance companies, with a total of 10,927 employees.

The number of e-marketplaces is also growing, with more than 7,000 online platforms.