In a country where one in five of its citizens live below the poverty line, the tech giant TechBizzy Software is making significant strides in its bid to provide quality assurance to its employees.

In a press release sent to CBC News on Wednesday, the Nepali company said it’s expanding to KathmandU, the capital of the Nepal region.

TechBiz is a Nepali-owned and operated software company that was founded in 2001.

It was acquired by Canadian company Telestre in 2015.

The company has since grown to include more than 1,000 employees across the world and in Nepal.

It’s been the source of support for several charities and non-profit organizations that are working to alleviate poverty and hunger in the country.

For instance, the Nepal Food and Nutrition Committee runs a program that provides free food and shelter to people living in remote villages, as well as distributing them to food distribution centres in Kathali.

Techbizz also helps with training, as it is able to work closely with Nepali and international tech firms.

In 2017, it hired former Google engineer Kishore Khera, who worked on the Chrome browser in Google’s Mountain View, California, office.

He is currently working at TechBaz in Kathila.

Tech Biz also is working with Nepaliland’s Ministry of Human Resources and Labour to help the country’s fledgling tech industry expand.

The country is struggling with an economic crisis caused by the collapse of its mining sector.

The industry has struggled to keep up with inflation and the country is expected to experience another six-month shortage of mining gold this year.

The Nepal government recently announced it was opening an economic zone to attract more foreign capital.

In the coming months, the ministry said, it will create new companies to expand the tech industry in the region.