In January, Google announced that it would be cutting nearly 2,000 jobs, while a spokesperson told TechCrunch that the company would only be closing 1,000 positions.

The company also said that it had been looking to “focus on areas of greater growth.”

The CEO search has also been the subject of a lot of speculation, with many speculating that Google may be looking to hire someone who has previously worked at Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon.

In addition, Google is reportedly interested in acquiring Twitter.

The most popular candidate on the list is Sheryl Sandberg, the CEO of Facebook, who is now the chief operating officer of the social network.

Sandberg has previously been a director of the United States Agency for International Development and a former United Nations ambassador.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Google would like to bring in a “senior tech executive with a long history of leading the agency and serving in the private sector.”

The company reportedly “has been in negotiations for months with Sandberg and her advisers,” and “has had preliminary discussions with her and several other high-level executives.”

A number of Google executives have previously spoken out against the company’s search policies, including Sheryl K. Sandburg, the former CEO of the company, and Eric Schmidt, the chairman and chief executive of Alphabet.

Google’s search algorithms have been widely criticized, as they are accused of favoring specific companies over other sites, while some critics argue that the search results are biased.

A number other Google executives, including former COO Brian Chesky and senior VP of engineering Nick Wingfield, have also come out against Google’s policies.