It’s hard to imagine a more compelling case study for the need for Nepaleses to learn English and become fluent in English than a young Nepali woman in her mid-20s who came to the United States and found her way into an online marketing business in Kathmdel.

Sri Nima is a native of Nepal who moved to the U.S. when she was 16 years old.

She began working for an online platform called Dabas and later started her own company, the Dabasu Group.

Srikanth K. Vatsa was born in Kathamand.

When she started her job as a web developer, she said she wasn’t expecting to be a successful entrepreneur.

She says she thought her experience in a local online marketing company in Kathmbel was the first step for her to go into the United Kingdom to pursue a career in the U:”I thought that the UK was where I wanted to be, so I went there to get my English, and I really thought that I could do that here,” she said.

Srama and her husband have lived in Kathemdel for two years.

She’s currently working as an intern for the company.

She works with her parents and aunts to help them get ready for their wedding.

She also helps out with their two sons who are also in college and are attending an online business school in the UK.

Srima said she and her family have benefited from the Nepali community’s strong support system.

“We’ve had so much support from the community, we’re so thankful for that,” she explained.

“We’re so grateful for the Nepalesean people, especially the women.”

She added that she was inspired to pursue her dream of becoming a full-time entrepreneur by a friend.

“I told him that I would like to become a full time entrepreneur and he encouraged me to work hard,” she recalled.

“He said that I need to do the right thing and that he would support me.”

She’s hoping that, when she and other young Nepalesebans reach the United Nations, they will see that the Nepalee people have the same aspirations as Americans.

“The way that people treat the Nepalis is so much better than how they treat Americans,” she added.

Slimming down and building a website is something that the majority of Nepalesem do in the United State, she added, but it’s not something that Nepalesees are expected to do for free.

“When I go to the grocery store, I can’t afford to buy a product from them, so that is something we have to pay for ourselves,” she says.

“In America, we pay for everything.

We pay for the water and the electricity and the gas.”

Sri is an immigrant herself, coming to the States as a child.

She says that while living in the States, she did her best to learn Nepali.

She said that she worked hard and earned a good living, but she still had her frustrations about not having enough Nepalesis.

“In America it’s like the food is cheap and everything is available,” she shared.

“But in Nepal, we are struggling.

We have to eat.”

Sramas parents were in the process of moving to Nepal when she arrived in the country.

She told me that while she is now doing her best for her parents, she also wants to be there for her future children.

“My biggest goal is to see my children grow up to be successful,” she noted.