The new online advertising platform Google AdSense has introduced a new system that allows advertisers to create online advertising campaigns for an entire city.

Google is also creating a platform for online shopping in the city of Kathmandus, which is expected to be launched later this year.

Google will also be the first online advertising company to open a physical store in the Nepalese capital city, Kathmand.

The store will be a large one and will allow online shoppers to order online.

In the first phase, online shoppers will be able to shop online through Google Shopping.

This will allow them to buy things that they might not be able or willing to pay for at a retail store.

Google will be the third major online retailer to open stores in Kathmallapuram, in Kathmalapur, in Nepal, in the future.

This will allow customers to shop on Google Shopping for goods that they can’t normally purchase from retail stores, such as shoes and electronics.

Google is the first major online company to offer physical stores, although other companies such as Amazon have also started retail stores in the past.

In another development, Google has launched a search engine for the Nepali language, and the Nepalis are expected to adopt this as a way to better communicate with each other and their community.

The Nepaleses also plan to establish a mobile messaging service that will allow users to communicate with other Nepali people in Kathali language and to make online purchases, as well as have a voice call and video chat with people who live in Kathas.