E-Commerce Development in Nepal is one of the most important areas of the country’s economy and it is an area where Amazon has been looking to invest.

The company announced that it has invested an undisclosed amount in the field, which means it has a significant amount of investments in the sector.

It has already invested in logistics and delivery in the past.

Amazon said that it is “investing in new solutions to deliver goods and services to Nepalis through e-Commerce, so that the country can be more agile and responsive.”

The investment could potentially create tens of thousands of jobs in the country.

The Nepali government has been struggling to get its economy moving and Amazon is one part of that.

In addition to the investment, Amazon has also said that the company is looking to establish a new office in Kathmapland in 2019.

The investment in Kathamandaland would be the latest in the company’s efforts to create a presence in Nepal.