TechBitz Software and its sister software solutions are the engine behind the growth of India’s technology industry and a key pillar of its economy.

The company’s founders, Manish Bhattacharya and Nandita Pandey, are from the city of Bhubaneswar and came to the country in 2004 from the US to study computer science at the Institute of Technology in Mumbai.

Bhattacarya and Pandey founded the company in 2005 after they decided to expand their business to provide digital services to people in rural India.

Bhattacharyas team initially created a cloud computing solution for small and medium enterprises.

They later began developing software that could provide real-time performance monitoring and alerting, as well as a database of information, according to a press release from TechBits.

The company has since developed a suite of apps for small businesses, with its most popular app being “Sri Lanka,” which allows users to view data about the country’s drought situation and weather, as reported by TechBist.

In 2018, Bhattayas team set up the Bangalore-based company, which has been expanding its product offerings, including its web-based services.

The Bangalore-headquartered company has been working with the government of Bhutan, and has recently launched its own product in Bhutan: a mobile application called “Mokshana.”

It was recently announced that the company will launch a web-enabled app for the Bhutanese government, the Bhayanet newspaper reported.

In India, the startup has attracted the attention of the countrys tech giants.

According to TechBzz, BizBiz has received investments from several venture capital firms including Bollywood group Bajaj Entertainment and Flipkart Group, which also owns the popular Flipkand, the world’s largest online marketplace.

TechBiz is currently working on two projects in India, with a third in the pipeline.

The startup has partnered with a startup called Digital Cloud Solutions Pvt.

Ltd, to develop a cloud-based service to help startups manage their cloud infrastructure and infrastructure management.

It has also partnered with an IT services firm called Bajaji to develop the software to help companies manage and maintain their IT infrastructure.

The two startups are also in talks with others to develop cloud services for small- to medium-sized enterprises, according a press statement from Tech Biz.

The tech-focused startups also have a presence in other emerging markets.

In 2016, Bizzs founders started a cloud service that provided a data backup for customers in the UK and US.

The project was launched by the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID), according to Tech Bizz.

In 2016, TechBoz had a successful pilot in India with the country that is India’s fastest-growing Internet market, according the TechBez blog.

In 2017, Tech Bzz’s app “Mangalore” was awarded a top spot in the top five apps of India for the first time.

The Indian government has been keen to attract new businesses to the technology sector.

The country has been making an effort to attract tech companies and technology-based start-ups with a slew of new government incentives and incentives schemes, such as a tax rebate for startups.

In the past year, the government has given more than $10 billion in grants and incentives to tech start-up incubators and other business incubators in India.

This has been a big hit on the start-out-shovel, with over 100,000 new start- ups launching in India since January 2016.