Kathmanduan is one of the fastest growing regions in the world, and the region is the focus of the development of e-Commerce as a service (e-commerce) market in Nepal.

The e-Retail market has become a very lucrative one, with the number of online sellers in the country reaching over 100,000, according to the National Association of Retail Merchants.

But, the industry has also faced a few challenges.

In the past year, a lot of the e-retail startups have faced some challenges and a lot has been lost, with more than 500 e-tailers being closed down.

With such a low growth, many of the smaller businesses in Kathmalang were left without their livelihood.

This has led to the formation of a number of small business associations, with a goal to revitalise the industry.

The Kathmandua-based association of small businesses is the latest effort to tackle the challenges faced by e-store operators.

The Association for Small Business Development (ASB) is working with Kathmandutas National Trade Centre (KNTC) and other stakeholders to develop a comprehensive plan to address the challenges and provide solutions to the industry’s problems.

The aim of this strategy is to build a more stable, sustainable and inclusive e-business ecosystem in the region, according ASB’s Director, Prakash Bhattacharya.

In an effort to provide a platform for the industry to grow, ASB has partnered with Kathbalang’s National Centre of Business Development and Industry (NCBI) to develop the ‘Kathmandu e-Business Development Model’, a set of measures to support e-sellers.

These include: creating a framework for the e business to operate; creating and maintaining a list of potential customers; creating an ecosystem that supports the e sellers and the buyers; creating a transparent and accountable process to monitor compliance; and ensuring a sustainable and secure business model.

The group also plans to launch an e-book business and create a website that provides online bookings, customer service and logistics services.

While some of these initiatives aim to bring an end to the closure of the small business sector, others aim to make sure the e industry continues to thrive and grow in the face of challenges.

This includes the creation of a ‘Cities of e Commerce’ project that aims to identify key sites in Kathbalangs capital cities and offer support to local entrepreneurs and e-shop owners.

These efforts will aim to attract more business to the region and help in attracting more visitors.

In a bid to encourage e-sales, Kathmandudu has announced that it will create a portal for e commerce and e payment transactions.

In addition, Kathmbandas city government has also created a ‘Smart Cities eCommerce Hub’ to support the ecommerce industry.

With the initiative, the city aims to encourage the development and growth of the local e commerce sector.

While Kathmanduda is one the fastest-growing regions in India, its e-shopping market has been largely closed down, with some small businesses in the city having lost over half of their online sales over the past few years.

The lack of competition and low-cost prices have led to a drop in online sales, with many of these sellers being unable to maintain their business model, according the Kathmandukos Association of Business.

In order to attract new businesses, the Kathbalengese government is planning to introduce a new e-payments scheme that will help these small businesses survive and prosper.

This scheme will include the provision of free or cheap internet access, as well as other payment options, such as debit cards, mobile wallets and eWallet services.

According to a report by the Global Times, Kathalang is currently the third most popular place to shop in the Indian capital city.

With a growing online e-customer base, the association hopes to continue to provide the support that ecommerce has always provided to Kathmanducans, and to encourage its ecommerce ecosystem to thrive.