Kathmandue, Nepal — It may not be the best place to start your online business, but in the country where a few million people still live, you’ll find plenty of ways to get started.

But before you start your next web design project, be sure to check out the rules and regulations in Nepal.

Below, we’ve rounded up the rules, regulations and guidelines for web design, along with some helpful tips to help you get started in the Nepalese capital.

The WebDesign in Nepal Rule: The first rule of web design is, “Be nice.”

You can always have a nice chat on Facebook.

You can also try a Google Hangout.

Rule 2: The Web is for Everyone and if you have a web design company, you must be a team player.

Rule 3: The goal of a web designer is to make people happy.

If you’re designing a website for the first time, you might not understand the rules.

But you’ll quickly learn the principles of web layout and the importance of the “bottom line.”

Rule 4: The best way to get noticed in Nepal is to start a blog.

Rule 5: If you’re starting a new business in Nepal, get a business license first.

Rule 6: If your company is going to operate in Kathampusti, get the local authorities permission.

Rule 7: The internet is a great way to keep track of your work and make sure you have the right materials.

Rule 8: If a web page is not in the local language, ask the local company to translate it.

Rule 9: It’s a good idea to get a company logo.

Rule 10: If the name of your business is in English, it is advisable to use that.

Rule 11: It is a good practice to put your company logo on your web design website and make your web pages as legible as possible.

Rule 12: You should keep your website on a minimum of 4×5 pixels (or a smaller size, if you’re making a large site).

If your website has more than 4×7 pixels, then you should consider a larger screen resolution.

Rule 13: When using a font, make sure it is a common font.

Rule 14: If using a logo, it’s a great idea to use a simple font.

Rule 15: If making a website in Kathipore, be careful about the font size.

Rule 16: Use an open source font for the design.

Rule 17: Use a clean, clear logo.

Rule 18: You can put a white background on your design, but if you want to keep your business branding, you should put it on a separate page.

Rule 19: You shouldn’t use images of people with special needs.

Rule 20: Make sure that your website contains no advertisements.

Rule 21: The design of your website should be consistent.

Rule 22: The font size should not be more than 8 pixels (4 × 5 pixels).

Rule 23: The color scheme of your logo should be a neutral color (light blue, dark blue, or black).

Rule 24: Make the font of your design accessible.

Rule 25: The website should have a good layout.

Rule 26: Make your website as easy to use as possible, and you should use a mobile device with a keyboard.

Rule 27: It can be hard to find a website design company in Kathangusti.

Rule 28: If it is important to you to start an online business in Kathan, go ahead and start it.