In Kathpa on the banks of the Narmada River, the first stop on your trip to the Nepalese capital is the WhatsApp messaging app that offers free SMS services to its users.

WhatsApp has a long and illustrious history of offering free messaging services in the country.

The app first came to Nepal with a free app in February 2015 and since then, the app has offered free messaging service to over 300 million people in Nepal.

Now, the service is available for free on Google Play, but the app does not give users any additional permissions, making it an unofficial app.

Google Play has a very complex approach to app distribution, and there is no standard app for app distribution in Nepal, which has a different approach to app sharing than other countries.

While the app can be installed on any Google Device, there is a different approaching to app creation, which means some apps can not be installed on Google Apps, and others can.

In a recent post, the team at Google posted the details on how to install WhatsApp on Google Play, and it includes a list of steps to get started.

Here’s how to download Whatsapp from Google Play: Go to Google Play Search app and choose Google+ From Google Google Google Apps app on GooglePlay.

For Google Google Apps app, follow these instructions: 1. 

Click the Google icon on top of the GooglePlay app icon. 


Tap the link  at the bottom of this screen to open the Google Android App section. 


On this page, you can click the icon to see the app details, and select the “App Store” category. 


Then click “Add App”. 


The app will pop up with the option to download from Google . 


You can download the Whatsapp app from GoogleGoogle Play, but it may take some time before it is installed. 


If you are not enthusiastic about the app’s permissions, you can check the permissions section of the App Store page. 


Once you have done this, Google will enable your Google App for Google play, meaning that you can download the app from Google, or it will install it on your Google phone. 9. 

After the installation is complete, click the Settings menu button at the top of Google Play. 


Enter the number of Google apps in the amount of time that you want to wait before you can install the app on your Google phone. 11. 

Your Google app should be installed and you will see Google’s AppStore icon appearing. 


Now click on the green OK button at  the top of the screen to start the install. 


To start the install, make sure you choose the appropriate application for your device, selecting the relevant app from the list and then click Start to install.