Kathmandua, Nepal (Reuters) Nepali startup companies are opening new platforms for their customers, offering more than 30 different apps to their customers.

In addition to apps, the startups are using web platforms to connect with users, like social media, online stores and travel services, to build new businesses.

These companies are also creating mobile apps for people to manage their business.

One of the most popular startups, Prakriti, launched an online store in Kathang, Kathmandui.

The app lets customers shop and manage their businesses.

“Our app has more than 70,000 customers.

It’s one of the fastest growing companies in the country,” said CEO of Prakritti, Pramod Prasad.

Prakritis app, Prahriti and other startups in Kathambe launched in January and March of this year, and are being actively used by the businesses to manage and improve their operations.

Pramod said the Prakratis app has over 100,000 users, including people who have never visited the company before.

He said it has a growing user base, and it’s not a traditional business.

He said Prakritois app will be launched in the next few weeks.

The Prakrottis app lets you manage your business on a mobile app, and the app allows customers to shop and shop in other places like online, offline, via mail and so on.

It also has a subscription model, which lets you buy the app in installments and then pay only once.

Prakriks app has a free trial.

Prahritis, which is part of the Pramrittis Group of companies, has launched over 60 startups, including Prakreporia, a travel agency, in January.

The company was founded by Prasim Mistry and Prakreti, two young students from India.

“We wanted to provide the best experience to the people in Nepal,” Prasam said.

“It’s a unique way to develop a business.”

Prahretis said that people from across the world are using their app to help them manage their day-to-day business.

“Every day we see people looking for services, they come to us because of their need,” Praseeti said.

In the last six months, Prasmatis had to cut down on expenses in order to get the business going.

The two-store chain is set to have a store in the capital city, Kathalang, in February.

The founders said they were hoping to be able to launch more startups in the near future.

Praeti is currently working on a new app called Bollywood Travel, which will let people travel around Nepal, in addition to Prakritei, a clothing brand.

Pravash Jain, an associate professor of technology and public policy at the Kathmandus Institute of Technology, said the growth of online companies in Nepal has been phenomenal.

“They are creating a huge opportunity for Nepal.

It could be a game changer,” he said.