TechBiz Software in Kathmbi, Nepal, announced the results of its first ever global business competition with the launch of a new software platform, TechBaz.

TechBiz is a cloud-based software platform that connects startups with venture capital funding from local entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and VCs.

It is a software development platform that enables startups to develop their own products, services and products to reach the market.

The startup launched the TechBib platform in January 2018, which allows startups to quickly deploy, manage and distribute software to their customers and partners.

“Our goal was to build an online business that would provide a platform for entrepreneurs to connect and build businesses, and create an ecosystem to grow businesses through software,” said TechBz founder and CEO Manish Kulkarni.

“The platform gives them an opportunity to get involved in the business process, to grow their business, and to provide a better platform for customers to connect with them.”

TechBez provides tools for developers to quickly develop and deploy their applications, and offers them a global network to reach their customers, partners and customers.

“We are the first platform for startups to have the right to deploy their own software to the public,” said Kulkorni.

The launch of the platform comes on the heels of a major success for TechBzz in the 2016 Global Startup Challenge, where it finished as the #2-ranked startup and won $5 million in the US$1 million Startup Challenge.

TechBZ is also a partner with the Nepali Startup Fund, which provides seed funding to small and medium sized enterprises.

Techbiz is also looking to partner with some of the country’s top technology companies.

It has partnered with the leading technology companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook to create a cloud solution that helps startups to build applications and applications to sell on the open marketplace.

The company is also partnering with companies such as Google, IBM, Intel, and IBM Watson to create an open source version of its software.

“By partnering with such companies, we can help them to grow, and the customers that they are able to reach,” said Kumar.

Tech Biz is one of the top startups in Nepal and has been operating in Kathmumba, Kathmandum, Kathmbar, Pokhara, and Pokhari for the past three years.

The Startup Challenge aims to connect entrepreneurs with venture capitalists and investors who are willing to invest in their businesses.

The Startup Challenge is part of the Global Entrepreneurship Challenge and aims to provide financial and technical support to entrepreneurs.

Startup founders are encouraged to create and grow a company that is able to deliver the services and value that they want to deliver to the customer.

“I think this is a great platform for us to build a sustainable business and to grow our business,” said Kapil Kumar, founder of TechBuz.

Techz is a joint venture with Startup Fund.

The two companies are focused on growing their business and providing solutions for startups and their customers.

Tech Biz aims to deliver a solution that allows businesses to quickly get into the marketplace, and will also help companies to reach out to their users.

“Our software platform will provide an easy way for entrepreneurs and companies to start up and grow,” said Bhaskar Kulkul, CEO of Tech Bizz Software.