An event held in Kathampath, Nepal, to promote Web design and digital branding, has come to an end.

The web design and marketing summit, which kicked off last month, has now concluded with the launch of the annual Web Design Symposium (WDSS).

The WSDS has become a gathering for leading web designers and web developers from around the world to discuss the latest trends in the field of web design, including digital branding.

It’s the first event in the WSDS’s 12-year history, and it has become an annual gathering of Web designers, designers, and web development professionals in the Nepalese capital.

In a post on the Web Design Association’s official website, the WSDA says the WDS will return in 2019, and will once again bring together Web design experts from around Nepal to share their experiences and share their ideas.

“I hope you all have an amazing time at the Symposium and are able to share your insights and insights about the latest design trends that you are seeing,” the WSD said in a statement.

The WSDA is a nonprofit organization that helps support the Web design industry and encourages the sharing of the latest industry trends.

Its founder, Senthil Ram, said the conference will be a showcase for the many Web design enthusiasts in Nepal.

“The WSD was founded in 2006 and has grown from a small event into a large event, including the WSSA, the annual Symposium, and the WSSS,” Ram said.

“I want to thank all of you who have been so welcoming to the WSDN.”

The WSDC website features an overview of the conference and a calendar of events that will be held throughout 2019.

The conference will feature panel discussions on topics such as digital design and design trends, Web design, and design for businesses.

For more on the WSDC, check out Business Insider’s coverage from this year.