New e, online shopping platforms are now available in Kathhang, Sri Lanka.

These are some of the new e-shops to open up, along with e-sports.

These new online platforms are not only geared towards e-tailers and retail merchants, but also aimed at other online services such as social media, news, travel and more.

The e-platforms are available for rent on the websites of online e-retailers and online retailers.

They are also accessible through mobile apps, including the mobile apps of and Flipkart.

They have been launched across various cities in Kathanga, and in the state capital of Kolkata.

These e-shop platforms are also geared towards consumers who are looking for an online presence.

The platforms have been developed in a bid to make online shopping easier for online shoppers.

For example, the platform provides easy access to purchase goods online and offline.

This has enabled e-salespeople to be able to do their job.

This is one of the reasons why many online retailers have already been accepting e-stores.