As the Nepalese capital prepares to host the World Cup, here are a few tips to help you get the best out of this new-fangled, interactive game.

The International Olympic Committee has put in place a new program called Quality Assuring & Testing (Q&T) to improve the way Nepal gets its web sites up and running.

Q&Ts are a tool that allow web designers and engineers to improve a site’s performance by automatically updating its markup, code and styles.QT is designed to help designers and developers ensure that they are properly updating their markup and code to ensure that the web site works across devices, devices sizes and browsers.

In addition, it helps the Web to make sure that the design of a site will not be lost to a different platform, such as mobile devices.


How do I get Q&Ts?


Check out the QR code on your web site and tap the Q&T icon on the upper right corner.

Your browser will then prompt you to download the QR Code and enter your credentials.

Your Q&t will download automatically.

Q: Why does it take so long to get my QR code?

A: The process of getting your QR Code from the International Olympic Commision’s website to your browser takes about a minute and a half, according to the organization.

You can download the app on Google Play for free.

Q.: What if I don’t have access to my QR Code?

A.: If you’re not able to download it yet, your QR code will not work.

But if you’ve already downloaded the app, you can still view the QR codes on the web.

You just need to be signed in to your Google account and sign into your account on your device.

Q.(Please note: The QR code shown on the left is a valid QR code, but does not guarantee that it will work.)

A: Please do not use your QR codes for other purposes.

Your QR code is not a security measure, it is not meant to protect you, and it is just a way for us to provide you with information about the upcoming World Cup.

Q:(Please note the QR icon above the top right corner.)


Please note: A valid QR Code is not the same as an International Olympic Qualifying Card, which is a special token given to athletes who have reached the highest level of qualification.

The International Olympic Association (IOA) requires all Olympic athletes to be issued a valid International Olympic Certificate, which they can use to access all Olympic benefits, including tickets to the World Championships.

The QR Code on the right is a QR code that can be scanned by a computer to scan into the QR reader at your local Google Maps location.

Q(Please note this is a Google Map.

Please don’t use this app for anything other than using it as a Google Maps navigation tool.)

A.: This app does not offer any functionality other than a Google Navigation Bar for your Google Maps app.