More than 40% of the population in Nepal uses mobile phones, according to a recent survey.

However, the majority of businesses are still offline.

According to Kathmandutan Web Designers, the Nepali mobile-based e-commerce marketplace has more than 6,000 sellers with more than 4,500 products.

This is due to Nepal’s strict laws on mobile use, according the Web Designing Association of Nepal.

According the report, mobile-enabled e-stores offer an opportunity for Nepal to grow the online retail market and expand its online presence.

The survey also indicated that more than 70% of Nepali online retailers are based in the country’s capital city Kathmandua.

In addition to the mobile market, Web Designer Association of Kathmandū also highlighted the potential of the country to grow as an e-retail destination.

According to the association, the country has one of the highest rates of online transactions per capita in the world.

The association noted that the growth of online commerce in Nepal has also been facilitated by the government’s efforts to reduce red tape and improve the quality of the legal process.

The association noted, the government has set up more than 30 specialised units to assist businesses in dealing with online regulations.

According one survey, nearly 80% of all businesses in Kathua operate on a shoestring budget, according Web Design and Development Association of Nepalese.

The group said that the government should invest in new and innovative ways to improve the online business environment.

The website has more information on the Nepalesean e-Commerce market.