In March, a small group of engineers from the US embassy in Kathmand, Nepal built a simple website that displays a map of the city.

The site was powered by a Java applet, and it worked with the Google Maps API.

The team was able to make use of Google’s mapping data to create a map with real-time elevation data.

When the site was first built, the developers had no idea that the data was so important to them, and the applet could not handle the load.

Since then, the app has been updated and optimized to handle the extra data.

The website, titled The Kathmanducan Way, has been downloaded almost 6,000 times and was featured on Ars Technic’s blog.

A second site, the Nepal Embassy Site, also made the trek to Kathmanduz to show the city and its people in a more tangible way.

The Nepalese Embassy site has also been a hit with visitors, and is now the third-most visited website in Nepal.