Nepaleses women took to the roads on Monday to protest the quality of their lives.

The Women’s Movement of Nepal (Womens Movement) said that women are being left behind by the government and their husbands.

Women who work as domestic help and labourers are being paid only minimum wage.

In an effort to end the shortage of women, the Womens movement has launched a campaign called “Women’s Rights on Demand”.

The campaign is aimed at mobilising women to demand their rights and for them to be paid the same wages as men.

Women Movement convenor Shamsa Khandu said that the government is trying to create a gap between women and men by paying them the same as men, but women still have not been given their due.

“I believe that the main reason for this gap is the lack of women in the government.

They don’t get the job, the jobs are not being filled, the government doesn’t look after the poor and the needy,” Khanduk told News24.WOMEN MOVEMENT’S DEMAND: Women have been left behind and their rights are not guaranteed by the Nepal government.

If women are paid the minimum wage, they should be able to go out and make a living.

They should be given more opportunities, and they should have the same rights as men who work in the fields.

This is why we are demanding women to get paid the salary they deserve.