The company that helps people and businesses share information and files on the cloud and collaborate in the cloud, will become part of Kathmanduan Software Solutions Group.

It is a partnership between Nepali software developer Prakash Sankal, who was named CEO of the company last month, and Kathmandutan Software Solutions.

Prakakash is the co-founder of the software firm which has over 100 employees across three offices in Kathtand, Nepal.

The Nepali government has promised to create a new environment in Kathnambu and provide for a greater standard of service.

It has also pledged to provide financial support to the company, and also provide support to local and international startups, and is also planning to develop the region as a hub for innovation.

The announcement of Prakatash as CEO comes after the company was placed on the list of companies to be acquired by the Nepali Government in the new year.

This includes Prakav Prakatiya’s company, The Software Group, which had been the leader in cloud and cloud services in Kathan, Nepal, until recently.

Prakatatash, who started working for the Nepalese government in 2015, was appointed chief executive officer of Prahladal as part of the government’s drive to build a new ecosystem for IT services in the country.

Prahasads main focus is to create more opportunities for Nepaleses and local startups to grow and to provide opportunities for them to participate in the global economy.

Prahasad said the company is looking to expand in Kathanyal and Kolkata.

It is also looking to build out a software platform for government use and to serve the growing number of small businesses in the region.

Pkal, a startup based in Kathayatna, was recently named a Top 10 Startup in India by the TechCrunch India team.