Nepal’s government has announced plans to introduce a national web standards framework that aims to provide a common set of standards for the country’s digital economy.

A number of web standards bodies have already issued statements on the proposal, including the Internet Engineering Task Force, a group of international web developers who are spearheading the effort.

But this is the first time that Nepal’s National Standards Authority has officially proposed to adopt the web standards for Nepal, said Srinivasan Nandaraju, the head of the national standards office.

Nepal, a mountainous country of roughly 1.3 million people, is among the poorest in Asia, and is struggling to build its digital economy and modernize its social services.

It was one of the first countries in Asia to adopt net neutrality in 2015, which was followed by an economic development plan that also included a framework for a common web.

Nabuwan Rangappa, a consultant and technologist, said Nepal is in the process of building a digital economy based on the principles of web design.

Nandars office, for instance, is looking at ways to improve the digital quality of the countrys schools, he said.

“It is a good start,” said Nandakul, who was appointed the headmaster of the Nandari Secondary School last year.

“We need a framework and standards to make sure the education system is open and accessible to all.”