How to hack a computer system for the better in Kathbalai

TechBizz Solutions and Web Solutions, the two leading software and web development services in Kathmasa, Nepal, are collaborating to create a software platform that helps organizations better manage their data.As a result, Web Solutions will be joining forces with TechBiz Solutions to build a comprehensive platform for organizations to manage their information, said CEO and […]

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Why is Amazon pulling out of Nepal?

Washington Post: Amazon will no longer be in Nepal, after being awarded a two-year extension to complete its work on a $1.4 billion expansion.The decision comes as Amazon faces a growing number of lawsuits in the country that accuse it of engaging in unfair business practices.Last month, the company was awarded a three-year contract extension, […]

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How to write a blog post using Google Docs

This article is by David G. Lee, a certified web designer and editor, and was first published on January 6, 2018.David is also the author of The New Stack, which you can buy at Amazon, or get at the Barnes & Noble website.This article originally appeared on David’s website, and can be found at his […]

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The US ‘brazenly’ attacks Nepal over web development

The US “brazen” attacks Nepal, using its power to “violently interfere” with its elections, Nepalese officials told The Hill on Friday, in a stunning blow to efforts to bolster a fledgling internet and communications infrastructure.“The US has a long history of using cyber attacks against other countries, and they’re trying to do the same here,” […]

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Re-engineering Kathmandukan’s web hosting industry

Re-engineering Kathmandugan’s online web hosting, which is the biggest in the country, has taken off.The country has the highest number of websites on the internet, according to data released by the World Wide Web Consortium, with around 1,400,000 websites hosted on Google.While the city of 3.2 million is known for its digital and social media […]

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