What you need to know about web standards and standards-based web development in Nepal

Nepal’s government has announced plans to introduce a national web standards framework that aims to provide a common set of standards for the country’s digital economy.A number of web standards bodies have already issued statements on the proposal, including the Internet Engineering Task Force, a group of international web developers who are spearheading the effort.But […]

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Kathmandue: Online retail in Nepal

More than 40% of the population in Nepal uses mobile phones, according to a recent survey.However, the majority of businesses are still offline.According to Kathmandutan Web Designers, the Nepali mobile-based e-commerce marketplace has more than 6,000 sellers with more than 4,500 products.This is due to Nepal’s strict laws on mobile use, according the Web Designing […]

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SEO in Kathmandu

Kathmandutans and international visitors will have their sights set on Kathmandus and its neighbouring regions this year.But if they don’t already have a domain management business, how can they?This is the question being asked in the wake of the recent earthquake and subsequent shutdown of Nepal’s government websites.This is an area that has been hit […]

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