Why are people in Kathpa-Bangladesh so worried?

Re-engineering in Kathama-Bangla is one of the largest IT projects in the country, with hundreds of thousands of people working in a wide variety of jobs.But a new survey of workers in Kathangas software projects and web services, conducted by TechBizz and Web Solutions, shows a very different picture.The survey, conducted in February by Techbizz […]

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How to Make Money from Your Blog, Tech, or Website

Microsoft says it’s bringing back its blog ad platform, and the news comes a week after Microsoft said it had closed its blog platform.The company said in a blog post on Wednesday that it had “deactivated its online advertising business and discontinued its blogging platform” and is now focused on “building a new platform to […]

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Google AdWords for Kathmandus,Google in Nepal

Google is expanding its AdWords presence in Nepal.Google India, the global ad platform, is bringing Google AdSense for Nepal, a native advertising platform for Nepalis.Google will be the first company in the world to have a native ad platform for Nepalese users.The Nepaleses government announced the launch of AdSense Nepal on May 3.Google has signed […]

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Digital Marketing Solutions in Kathnambu

Digital marketing solutions for business, travel and leisure are in high demand in Kathmai.It is also a hotbed of startups.There are more than 200 startups in the city and the startup scene is thriving, with more than 2,000 startups registered to date.This article focuses on digital marketing solutions.For the full story, read this article Digital […]

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