How to Make Money from Your Blog, Tech, or Website

Microsoft says it’s bringing back its blog ad platform, and the news comes a week after Microsoft said it had closed its blog platform.The company said in a blog post on Wednesday that it had “deactivated its online advertising business and discontinued its blogging platform” and is now focused on “building a new platform to […]

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What’s the best SEO in Kathmanan?

The best SEO strategy in Kathmans country is based on a unique blend of the old and the new.Kathmandus first and second largest cities, like Kathmanduz and Pokhara, are known for their large number of mobile app development firms, which are responsible for most of the apps available for the users.But in Nepal, there is […]

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How to take over India’s ecommerce market

New Delhi: The country’s e-commerce industry is poised to grow to $5 trillion in 2017 and more than half of India’s consumers are buying online, according to new data from online platform and marketplace platform Google.Analysts estimate that in 2019, the e-Commerce sector in India will generate about $4.5 trillion of revenue and $7 trillion of […]

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How to get your SEO up and running in Nepal

The Kathmanduan capital of Kathmandur is a tourist mecca.With a sprawling cityscape and mountains, it is a popular destination for the rich and famous.Now, with the launch of the Nepal Startup Weekend, the capital will be a hub for the startup world.The Startup Weekend aims to foster the startup ecosystem in Nepal, with an emphasis […]

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