Why Kathmandus tech sector is booming – CNN

Kathmandushtep, Nepal — The sky is bright, the sun is shining, and Kathmandurs are buzzing with excitement.But that doesn’t mean everyone is doing well.This is where Nepal is heading, says Kailash Satish, a founder of a startup called Digital India.He is here in Kathma, Nepal, to talk about his company’s strategy to transform the country’s […]

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How to hack a computer system for the better in Kathbalai

TechBizz Solutions and Web Solutions, the two leading software and web development services in Kathmasa, Nepal, are collaborating to create a software platform that helps organizations better manage their data.As a result, Web Solutions will be joining forces with TechBiz Solutions to build a comprehensive platform for organizations to manage their information, said CEO and […]

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Which Web hosting provider are you?

In Nepal, the Nepalese web hosting market has been largely dominated by a few large players, such as Cloudflare and Google Cloud.But a handful of smaller and independent players have started to offer a more competitive service, including Kudu WebHost, an online platform that’s providing the most reliable and secure web hosting in Nepal.Kudu was […]

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Google’s Search Engine Ads team gets new job

In an effort to drive traffic and conversions, Google has opened a new search marketing team focused on building better online ads.The new team, led by Search Engine Marketing Director David Kriegsman, has more than 30 years of experience in search advertising and is working to improve the company’s advertising experience, according to Google.Google is […]

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The US ‘brazenly’ attacks Nepal over web development

The US “brazen” attacks Nepal, using its power to “violently interfere” with its elections, Nepalese officials told The Hill on Friday, in a stunning blow to efforts to bolster a fledgling internet and communications infrastructure.“The US has a long history of using cyber attacks against other countries, and they’re trying to do the same here,” […]

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How to Make Money from Your Blog, Tech, or Website

Microsoft says it’s bringing back its blog ad platform, and the news comes a week after Microsoft said it had closed its blog platform.The company said in a blog post on Wednesday that it had “deactivated its online advertising business and discontinued its blogging platform” and is now focused on “building a new platform to […]

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